NearbyIT – Complete Local Business Directory, Stores, Offers, Events Discovery Platform


Start your OWN Branded Nearby Stores & Businesses Discovery Platform!

NearbyIT is a search app that allows you to find local businesses and stores from a single or host of locations. Create a listing marketplace that allows everyone to list their business, store, offers, events or just about anything! NearbyIT is your number one app for real traffic that converts.

NearbyIT is an innovative mobile application and I.T solution with a user-friendly interface, designed precisely to enable businesses (both old and new/start-ups)  to list/manage their product/services, and allows registered users view and patronize local vendors close to them.


  • NearbyIT Landing Page with your own Brand
  • NearbyIT Centralized Admin Panel
  • NearbyIT iOS Mobile App
  • NearbyIT Android Mobile App
  • NearbyIT Delivery Boy App for iOS and Android
  • FREE Web & Backend Setup, Configuration and Installation
  • FREE iOS Mobile Apps Setup, Submission and Deployment
  • FREE Android Mobile Apps Setup, Submission and Deployment
  • FREE Training and Documentation
  • FREE 1-year Support
  • FREE 1-year Warranty
  • FREE 1-year Dot com Domain
  • FREE 1-year Hosting
  • 5-day Delivery Time



  • An easy way to gain traffic to your store. .
  • Improvement in profits because people locate your business to patronize you even while you sleep
  • 24/7 open marketplace on the app for your store .
  • Chat with business owners and customers


  • Users furnish themselves with sophisticated information about stores in a given area.
  • Offers, promo, discount are always at your discretion to explore .
  • Favorite your most preferred stores and get news and push notifications about them.
  • Chat with any business owner on the app
  • Attend events organized by some of your favorite stores
  • Explore feedbacks before patronizing any store and leave yours as well


  • You can personalize your store to any style you want
  • The user interface is excellent from every standpoint
  • Navigation is smooth on the app
  • The app comes with a responsive design that can suit almost anyone’s taste
  • A modular MVC architecture allows you to understand the code and business logic in order to change it or to develop new modules for your app



  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  • Display total stores events and customers created in your app
  • Manage customers and their permission
  • Manage Stores , Events , categories , Offers and more
  • Secure all communications between the Web admin and android app with a crypto key
  • Easily integrate new languages to your app
  • Manage all the content created by your customers, edit the number of stores , offers, compagin … created by each one so quickly
  • Use your phone where you are to manage your application and stay tuned to all your customer’s thanks to the responsive dashboard
  • Stay tuned to your customers by answering their messages directly from dashboard



  • Developed with the latest iOS and Android versions
  • Localization Ready
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Directions
  • Chat Realtime & Unlimited
  • Support Multi Languages
  • Currency management
  • Push notification – firebase cloud messaging
  • Custom offers
  • Advanced PHP dashboard
  • Permanent data storage on a MYSQL database
  • Support RTL Languages
  • Google Analytics
  • AdMob
  • User Rating
  • User Reviews
  • Navigation drawer menu with categories
  • Cool Mobile UI Interaction
  • Material Design pattern
  • Pull Down Bouncy UI.
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Call Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • User can add Favorites
  • Advance Search
  • About Us Panel Added
  • Image Pinch and Zoom
  • Well documented
  • Participate to the event
  • Upcoming events near you
  • Parallax scrolling effect

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: VenderIT
  • Vendor: VenderIT
  • Address: Rizal
  • 4.00 4.00 rating from 1 review